Hemifacial Spasm And Physiotherapy

hemifacial spasm and physiotherapy

APMR terapia providing the best treatment for hemifacial spasm patients.

Hemifacial spasm (HSF) is not a rare disease; it is mainly characterized by involuntary and frequent contractions of muscles of the face, usually on a single side of the face. It is highly benefited with the physiotherapy treatment. It is also called tics. Here the contractions seem as if there is some muscle twitching. The facial nerve is usually affected, and it passes below the ear and reaches various parts of the face to control the muscles of the face. Thus the main reason is the compression of the facial nerve.

The hemifacial spasm is usually not a severe or painful condition. But the patient may experience discomfort and it is socially embarrassing. The APMR Terapia will help you to solve your problem of hemifacial spasm and make you more comfortable with different kinds of physical therapy and exercises. Moreover, Terapia is providing physiotherapy home care services in Perinthalmanna.

Role of Physiotherapy in Hemifacial spasm

Along with the medications proper and regular physiotherapy is essential to treat the case of hemifacial spasm completely. However, the role of physiotherapy is much important, medication and nutrient therapy are also needed with this. Since it may also occur as a result of deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. The person should also try to avoid the triggering factors of hemifacial spasm such as stress, anxiety, or jerks on the region of the head and neck. Certain activities like talking, singing, reading, and yawning may result in the overuse of the facial muscles which may worsen the condition. Thus the patient should be under the treatment of an expert.

This condition occurs not only as a result of injury or compression of the facial nerve. This may be as a result of Bell’s palsy, where even the functions like the taste in the tongue and tear formation in the eyes are affected. It may also occur when there is injurious to the brain stem, stroke or when the person is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Any tumor or lesion in the region of the facial nerve will also compress the nerve causing hemifacial spasm.

Physical therapy for the spasm mainly uses the modalities to relax tense muscles, reduce the muscle twitching, and thereby reducing the discomfort. At APMR Terapia, electrical nerve stimulation and other similar techniques are used to relax muscles and relieve the irritating part.

The APMR Terapia the best physiotherapy Centre in Perinthalmanna is a major relief hub for such hemifacial spasm patients. Here we train the patient in such a way that he can manage the stress himself. With this certain relaxation and yoga techniques are also practiced. Gentle facial massage can also help the case. The APMR Terapia has proved to the best physiotherapy Centre in Malappuram.

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