Benefits of Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment in Kerala

Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Malappuram

Surgical interventions are always due to certain medical reasons. It may be even a weight loss surgery. When the surgeries resolve the specific medical conditions, post-surgery debility is a problem. For the problems after the surgeries, doctors are suggesting their patients to go for physical therapy or physiotherapy. This helps the patients to recover faster and heal better. Physiotherapy is also helpful in many other medical conditions. The APMR Terapia is a leading team to provide post-surgical physiotherapy in Malappuram. Here we can see few benefits of physiotherapy after surgeries.

To Strengthen and Rebuild Muscles

After you may have undergone long hours of resting in bed and being confined to a room for days after any surgery will lead to muscular atrophy and loss of strength. These kinds of rests may not be required in case of minor surgeries. For gaining one’s strength and activity after surgery strengthening and rebuilding of those muscles are required. An expert physiotherapist will definitely advice and oversee the exercises you must perform for rebuilding and strengthening your muscles.

For Gaining Joint and Tissue Mobilization

Since stiff joints are a common complaint after major surgeries, physiotherapists use different methods to treat them. Methods like short wave diathermic (SDW), heat treatment, or ultrasonic heat massage to ease them are commonly used. This treatment is of great value after knee or hip replacement surgery.

Along with this, the patient needs to be retaught how to walk without support. This will require retaining the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. At APMR Terapia excellent physiotherapy treatment is given to restore the movements and ability of the patients. Giving more advanced treatments had made the Terapia as the best Physiotherapy Centre in the Malabar region.

Actions of Daily Living (ADLs)

Actions of Daily Living (ADLs) are vital for recuperating patient. This has to be done at the earliest. Whether it is getting in or out of bed, or of a chair can be difficult after post knee replacement surgery. Doing simple actions or daily needs like walking, bathing, dressing, etc. can be difficult for them after undergoing surgery and its rest. At the physiotherapy Centre, they will guide you with stretching and balancing exercises. This helps to restore normalcy to movements.

Shorter Hospital Stay

Having a faster recovery helps in a shorter hospital stay. When you begin the physiotherapy regime soon after the anesthesia wears off, you can recover faster. This results in early recovery and you can go home early.

To Prevent Falls

After surgery falls can lead to grave consequences like fractures, internal hemorrhage, or damages to the brain. In such cases, physiotherapy treatments can help the patients to gain balance. This is especially important for those patients who show signs of vertigo or dizziness, as they may fall from these problems.

At APMR Terapia all kinds of post-surgical physiotherapy treatments are given. Knowing the patients properly, suggesting with best advices, and providing advanced treatment with modern facilities had made Terapia more popular. Excellence in giving physiotherapy treatments had made APMR Terapia as the best physiotherapy treatment Centre in Perinthalmanna.

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