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best obesity and slimming clinic in malappuram

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Obesity is one among the most common lifestyle disorders, which had become more and more common due to the advancement in technology which reduced our physical work and also the changes in our food habits. Obesity also accounts for the early death rate and is also a risk factor for certain diseases. Due to this, more and more people are depending on obesity and slimming clinics. APMR Terapiya is the best obesity and slimming clinic in Malappuram and is located at Perinthalmanna near to the Government hospital.


Even though lifestyle changes are the major reason there are several other reasons for the disorder of Obesity. Some of the reasons include:

  • Genetic
  • Hormonal
  • Altered Metabolism
  • Problems in relationships
  • Unhappy childhood
  • Altered hunger pattern
  • Work pattern
  • Certain illness and medications
  • Operations
  • Accidents

And several other reasons accounts for obesity.

Many of us had already been following some kinds of diet plans, meal replacements, various food and fitness trackers and also some even uses commercial weight plans. These usually have positive response initially and later on eventually there starts the weight gain and ends up with weight gaining. Some people regain weight than they had initially lost and this will leave them highly disappointed. Having a slimmer body is not only good for your health, but also improves your level of confidence and thus giving you a better life. Nowadays, youngsters are more bothered of having a slim body and maintaining the fitness.

The obesity and slimming clinic of APMR Terapiya, will help you to reduce your weight in a healthy way, and also help you to correct your disorders. We always give importance to your wellness and fitness. Days are gone, where ladies are meant to work at home, taking care of the family and also doing household works and also spending their time inside the house. But now, ladies are not ready to compromise and they also take care of their own body and fitness. At APMR Terapiya we have separate rooms and facilities accounting for the fitness of ladies, there we do practice different kinds of exercises and also give diet plans. The fitness plan differs according to the medical conditions of the person. Providing suitable solutions had made us the best fitness Centre in Perinthalmanna.

Proper Case Taking

Initially when a person with obesity approaches us, we start with the initial process of consultation with a medical specialist who will assess you to get a detailed history and physical examination to get the cause of weight gain. After that we will keep a few weeks plan according to your body weight. We also deal with certain weight related medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, fatty liver, PCOS, infertility, type 2 diabetes, immobility due to arthritis, erectile dysfunction, sleep apnoea, weight regain following weight loss surgery and so on.

APMR Terapiya providing multiple deals under the single canvas is the best choice for you to lose your weight without any damage or distress to your body.

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