How Can Pysiotherapy Benefit Osteoporosis?

physiotherapy treatment for osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a very pathetic disease condition, where the bones in your body lose the strength and will become more brittle and weak instead of the strong bones in the body. It loses its bone density. Osteoporosis is otherwise called porous bones, where the body loses the bones than it is made inside it. In osteoporosis, the condition of the bones is just like a sponge. As the disease progress, the holes present in the bones will grow bigger and make it more it worse by leaving a large amount of empty spaces in the bones. The APMR Terapia, the best physiotherapy Centre in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram can help the osteoporosis patient to deal with the problem.

The risk factors of the osteoporosis include family history of osteoporosis, less efficiency of your body in absorbing calcium and vitamin D and the probability increases with age. Women have more chances to develop the condition than men as the hormonal changes during the menopause will play a major role. The Asians and Caucasians are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

The initial signs of the osteoporosis are dull aching in the bones, especially the bones of the neck and the lower back. The warning signs are usually left unnoticed until the osteoporosis are very much developed and the pain had increased. The osteoporosis patient can also feel tenderness of the muscles and also pain in the bones when they are kept more pressure or weight.

As the disease advances, the pain will become more violent and also more acute, thus becoming the patient more aware about the disease than he was before. The loss of bone density will also result in the gradual loss of height of the person, this will result in people to hunch over as the time passes and this will lead to developing of hump in the back.

The osteoporosis condition is usually noticed only when a bone is fractured. The most common bones to break in osteoporosis are the wrist, hip and the spine. While it may break any bone in the body.

How can Physiotherapy be helpful?

A physiotherapist can help an osteoporotic patient mainly in three ways. With the help of a physiotherapist a person can do bone strengthening exercises like high impact exercises and hiking. It will gradually make your bone to have less injury by increasing the force amount which the bone can withstand.

Secondly, physiotherapy will help you to have pain reduction such as the lower back pain and the injury pain which had arisen from the disease. These are usually done with some dietary management and vitamin supplements or any medications.

The third way is to help you in fall prevention. The physiotherapist will train you to move in such a way that you wouldn’t fall and be safe to move and will improve your balance.

Our highly trained and efficient physiotherapists with the modern technologies in physiotherapy will help you much in osteoporosis. Thus APMR Terapia had became the best physiotherapy Centre to provide physiotherapy home care services in Perinthalmanna.

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