Benefits Of Physiotherapy In Different Medical Conditions


Best physiotherapy center in perinthalmanna

Physiotherapy is not only meant for orthopedic disorders but also for neurological and cardiopulmonary problems. Many of the physiotherapists have private consultations and also treat a wide array of conditions. In the case of orthopedic problems, the treatment is not only based on internal medicine and it is very important to have physiotherapy in such conditions. Patients with sports injuries, fractures, spinal injuries, paresis and paralytic cases, and arthritis are commonly treated. APMR TERAPIYA is a well-equipped clinic and has a specialized spinal decompression unit with excellent faculties. APMR Terapiya is the best Physiotherapy Centre in Malappuram and is located near the government hospital Perinthalmanna.

The treatment of physiotherapy mainly includes therapeutic exercises which will improve the strength and range of motion, to correct the postural imbalance, joint metabolism, manipulation and soft tissue massage. Stretching and also trigger point therapy which will help in reducing the stiffness and to relieve pain is with so much of benefit to the patients.

How can Physiotherapy Reduce the Sufferings?

Patients who are suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and many other disorders had benefited greatly with our physiotherapy treatment. In such cases, we focus on muscle re- education, muscular control, rehabilitation of fine and gross motor skills, regaining the lost strength and flexibility of the bones and muscles, learning how to perform the safe movements, improving the patients with different kinds of gait, training is given in the use of the mobility aids and finally improving the daily functions.

In case of children, who are suffering from cerebral palsy, giving physiotherapy is one of the best choices as it is essential in helping to reduce the spasticity and deformity of the child, it also helps in improving the postural control, training the children in such a way that they are able to use the assisting devices. With that, we will do all that is necessary to improve the child’s functional independence. We also have sessions to educate the family of the child so that the family also can help the child to carryover what the entire child had trained during the therapy sessions and it benefits the suffering child a lot.

Nowadays, cardiopulmonary conditions also require physiotherapy intervention, it responds well. Patients who feel difficulty in their daily life with shortness of breath and also decreased endurance had achieved a marked improvement in their daily life mainly through our guided exercise and resistance training. It also helps in clearing the secretions of the lungs and improving the general health of the patient. The APMR Terapia is offering home care physiotherapy services in Perinthalmanna.

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